Schweser 2008 Video CDs

I picked up Schweser VCDs from ebay and I have to say it is a good overview as well as a review of the topics. I would not use them as my main source to prepare but the quality of subject matter covered was pretty good. Highly recommended.

Grexan How much did you pay for them on Ebay ?

I have the 2008 Video CDs that I am looking to sell if anyone is interested. I think they are going for $250 on ebay right now.

$350 plus S&H. These are brand new originals with workbooks and not copies (that would be wrong). I think Sch sells them for $749 on a stand alone basis. The guy who was selling them registered for Lvl 3 but dropped out of the exam this year due to work issues.

can we buy the schweser question bank separately?

hey Grexan how the heck are you? Party is over…

Iwona: Just got back from my 3 week vacation (i know thats a longtime…) overseas. Now I am ready to dive in to the material. Focusing on CFAI stuff with Schweser sprinkled in, here and there.

If anyone is selling them, email me at

If anyone is interested in buying the set of 2008 Level 3 Schweser Video CDs, I am looking to sell mine (like i said above). Email me at: if interested. These are not a copies…they are original. I will not have time to use all the study materials my company purchased for me.

aic, I couldn’t reach your address. Is it still valid?

Sorry. VCDs are sold