Schweser 2010 Flash Cards

Has anyone received the Schweser Flash cards yet? I haven’t received them yet and It’s indicated as available on the website but when I call customer service they keep on telling me next week. This has been going on for a month now…

i receivd mine just before Xmas

I’m fed up with Schweser. I’ve called them four times now. The first time was a month ago and they said the cards would be sent in a week. Two weeks past and I called them again and they said that week for sure it’ll be sent. Fast forward to this week and I’ve called yesterday and they said they will send that very afternoon. Guess what? No cards. So I called again this afternoon and they said ok for sure we’ll send it out this afternoon with an email confirmation. As of this evening still no email confirmation of it being sent. I’m sick of this run around I’ve been getting, not to mention the waste of my time. Looks like I’ll be calling for a third time in three days. Looks like they don’t want my business. If I still don’t get it tomorrow, I’m going to cancel the order and order from STalla which has been on the ball with sending “the System” package I ordered. I’m just posting this in case anyone is thinking of ordering flash cards from them to beware.