Schweser 2010 vs Schweser 2011

Any re-takers purchase the 2011 material and compare it to last years? Wondering if there is any new material and if it is worth purchasing the 2011 when I already have 2010. Thanks

I am not re-purchasing. The material is about 95% the same, LOS’s word for word. If ever there was a year to repeat (although repeating is not that fun), this might be the year. Material is virtually identical.

I’m not buying the new Schw 2011 either. Not worth the money. While the material is 95% the same I do not believe the exam will be easier for a retaker. The CFAI will change up the material they test people on.

What about Exam Volumes 1 & 2 - does anyone know if Schweser has updated those this year or are they also the same as 2010?

what about cfai text. do they send you new material when you re-take??