Schweser 2012 EXAM FOCUSrecommendation at the start for Ethical and Professional standards section

The 2012 Schewser LII - mention that they strongly recommend Standards of Practice Handbook 10th edition 2010 version .

2 questions:

  1. How is 2010 different from the 2012 version of the Schewser that we are now reading ? I am not sure why 2010 version is being strongly recommended.

  2. Is going through 2012 Schewser throughly for this topic and then just solving the practice questions from CFAI notes good enough ?

I would focus on CFAI here and on thier EOC questions. Use Schweser as a last resort for this material

2010 is the Standards of Practice Handbook - not the Schweser version.

Thanks guys ! Ill focus on the End of chapter questions of CFAI and skim through the Standards of Practice Handbook after completing Scheweser I guess.