Schweser 2012 Practice Exams same as 2011?

Is it thrue that the Schweser 2012 Practice Exams 1&2 are the same as 2011?

I didn’t use schweser last year but, I’m going to conclude that they are different because some of the things they tested on in the first practice exam were not in the CFA curriculum last year.

I’ve already posted about this. They are no different excluding new sections (i.e. they may have added a behavioral finance vignette that is representative of the new curriculum, but thats it). They just re-order the questions to make it appear like a diff exam.

I have talked to schweser on the phone and had them confirm this.

I’ve only done one so far but they’re pretty good in terms of actual difficulty and content. What do u think?

They are useful, but nothing takes the place of past exams. For me, my best preparation is all about just cranking out tons of exams, so I need these in addition to past tests. Some people don’t need to take that many practice exams, in which case i’d just stick with the CFAI past exams / mocks.