Schweser 2018 Material for 2019 Exam

Any thoughts on using 2018 CFA L2 Schweser material to study for the June 2019 exam?

I’ve heard that a few changes were made to the exam’s curriculum to include blockchain & cryptos - but apart from that any other reason why it wouldn’t be a good idea?

I used mocjs from 2014-2018 for my exam in 2018. No issues. Some questions had material no longer relevant but no biggie.

i dont think the notes from 2018 will be an issue.

The chapters that have changed from 2018 to 2019 read them from the CFAI Curriculum. They are few probably.

Watch out for crypto but that should be light honestly. I would buy the 2019 package for the peace of mind. $649 for not taking the chance to fail by one question and spend 6 more months of your life on this should be worth it.

2018 L2 Schweser Notes, Practice Volumes (6 full mocks), Secret Sauce, and Quick Sheet for sale on Mercari (selling app). I want someone to have it that needs it but maybe can’t afford full price from Schweser. Also want it to be used, so it’s not free.