Schweser 3-day review

I’m posting this in the general forum so candidates of all levels (and charterholders) can see and comment. Has anyone attended the 3-day review seminars by Schweser? I’m debating taking it mid-May for level 2, but I would need to pay for all expenses myself. If it increases my chances by 5-10%, then it is worth the money (airfare, hotel and seminar cost). If the time would be better spent power studying, then I’d rather skip.

Due to the overwhelming positive response, I decided to register for the 3-day seminar in LA. I guess I’ll see if it’s worthwhile. I’m going to have trouble being prepared for it by early April, but maybe that will help me push harder for the next few weeks.

I think it makes more sense to just study your a$$ off for three days, unless you are really having trouble understanding the concepts. I have heard very mixed reviews on these seminars. I think a lot of it is simply dependent on whether you work better in a group setting.

I’m hoping that three days worth of concentrated review will be better than the time spent on my own. The more material I can cover beforehand, the more valuable the seminar will be (aiming to be through all the material by then, but that’s probably unrealistic). I wanted Boston due to the later time, but in the end I decided it wasn’t worth the additional $1,000+ for travel expenses. It sucks the LA seminar is so early, but I’m hopeful it will be worth it.

I am enrolled in their online/archived 3 day review. Donot want to add another grand for cfa expenses with live classes!! It will take 3+ days anyway if I have to review myself, so why not attend

I did the 5 day for L1, 2 and 3. It was ok but have heard that Creighton’s review is way bettr. To fly into and stay in Omaha is cheap as well.

CFA Jay Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I did the 5 day for L1, 2 and 3. It was ok but > have heard that Creighton’s review is way bettr. > > > eview/CFA2_Four_day.pdf > > To fly into and stay in Omaha is cheap as well. I’m doing this for L3 (drivable for me). I’ve heard great things.

Jay (and others who have passed L3): Saw you took the DFW seminar for L3 so wanted to get your advice. I’m way behind the study curve (I’ve put in about 40 hours) but still need to sit for the exam this year. Here’s my game plan but tell me if you think I can change it to be more efficient. --DFW 5-Day (about 50 hours that week) --I can realistically get 100 additional hours in, focused on the following: ----Finish EOC questions ----Read chapters w/o EOC questions ----CFA Practice Exam ----2 other Sample Exams ----QBank? I realize ~200hrs is on the light side and know my odds, but need to try it. Thoughts?

Doesn’t seem there’s any substitute for hard work. If you were to take the time packing, sitting in the airport, flying, checking into the hotel, sitting in the seminar, checking out of the hotel, flying home, and unpacking and spend that time studying, I’m guessing that there would be a net loss on the deal. That said, if you aren’t disciplined go for it. It’s also probably a good networking opportunity, so that’s a plus as well.

thanks for the reply Watson. i won’t have to spend time on any of the items you mentioned. also, it needs to work that way for my family. so really i’m looking for advice on the other items (aside from the DFW 5-Day). should i amend my study plan? is QBank worth it in level 3? etc. thanks

I found the qbank very helpful for Level III, but its value is a function of providing looks at material that the candidate covered some time ago. If you are trying to ram everything home in a month and a half then I think it loses most of its utility. If I were you, I’d try to burn through the Schweser Notes w/ EOC problems by mid-May. If you don’t think that’s possible, then I’d buy the ‘Secret Sauce’ and burn through that w/ EOC problems, by Mid-May. I’d leave the duration of May open for prior year practice exams placing an emphasis on the individual / institutional IPS’. That’s one of the few areas that you know will be on the exam, so if you step into that exam room not having calculated required required returns and understanding the usual suspects of ability/willingness to take risk, that’s on you. Also, I’d read the Ethics book and any additional ethics readings in the 2 to 3 nights leading up to the exam. Good luck

very helpful. i’ll do that. thanks!

Went to creigton last year, well worth it. Going to lvl3 this year.

cfa10yrplan, i think you can get it done but it will be tough. L3 is a totally different beast. keep your head down the next 7-8 weeks or what ever it is. The intense review sessions are great. i would do Creighton’s if i were you.

thanks guys. i know my odds but will gun it til the exam. would love to go to creighton but works best for my fam in dallas. thankfully i work from home and can put in some hours between now and then. i project i will only have 1/3 of the CFAI chapters read, but will have completed the CFAI EOC problems, as many exams as i can get my hands on, and the schweser 5-day. still unsure on getting the q-bank or secret sauce… thanks for the input.