Schweser: 3 Day Seminar or Weekly Online Seminar?

To anyone who has taken the 3-day seminar and/or the weekly online seminar: which one is better? Or should I invest my time and $$ elsewhere?

Wow, beyond the normal search first bashing, at 5:46 PM eastern time there is a thread about this 10 topics down. Edit: Skillionaire, I hope you had a crappy day and take it out this person haha jk.

I should. I don’t understand how some people are so fugging stupid and/or lazy. The noise on this phorum (which is, theoretically, made up of fairly intelligent people) is obscene.

apologies. does anyone have feedback on the schweser weekly online seminar? That thread did not mention that at all. and a search on that topic yielded very little specific info. thanks.

Steer clear of Schweser…study the curriculum and find someone to bounce your thoughts off comfortably. I took the weekly class for Schweser for Level I and it wasn’t worth a penny of the cost I paid for it. Read the curriculum. Did I mention that you should read the curriculum?