Schweser 3-Day Seminar?

Has anyone on this forum every participated in Schweser’s 3-day review seminars? If so, what are your thoughts? Is it worth the time and the money? I would attend the Chicago session and I’m concerned since the class is April 3-5 and I will be three weeks shy of completing my initial studies and this may interfere with my study plan. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I attended a 3-day Schweser seminar last year for level I. It is basically a 3 day review of the material using a book full of slides that an instructor reads through. If you are looking for a good way to start your review and have the extra money to spend, it may be worth it. If you are fine just reviewing on your own, save the money and do so. You probably wouldn’t learn anything new at the seminar since they don’t teach the material. Just my $0.02

I took a three day class, or maybe a two day…they went SO fast through the material that I forgot it all by Monday. If you already have the shweser books or invested in the online classes (worth the money) I wouldn’t go…they just repackage all the slides from the online classes into that class.

I went to three day review last year and am doing it again. My company foots the bill for the class but i gotta pay plane and hotel. My wife and i are going up to Chi town early on Wed to make a mini vacation out of it. i plan on attending all the class time sessions, but i only use them as a high level review these are not classes that teach the material. you may be able to squeeze in a question, but for the most part, they run through slides of all the info. very fast. if my company didnt pay for it i wouldnt spend the money to fly and stay in a hotel and what not

I attended one for level 1. Apart from networking, I learned some time saving short cuts. You get a sense of how your peers are doing. If you can pay for tuition and travel its not a bad idea at all. Mind you, its a 2 and half day event (not 3 days) and very fast paced. I don’t know how John Harris two day classes are like? Any input on that ???

nah, the Schweser is pretty much 3 days… this is from their website You know, if you leave nearby, i bet you can just show up to this class and sit in. i have never been to one of these where they check roll and boot Chicago (April 3 -5, 2009) Seminar Dates: April 3-5 8:30 AM CT - 5:00 PM CT Seminar Location: The Allerton Hotel 701 North Michigan Ave. Chicago , IL 60611 UNITED STATES Seminar Notes: On Sunday class will end at 4:30 pm.

anyone attending in chicago? I’ll be there april 2-6. haven’t decided on attending the seminar or using the time to review on my own. more thoughts?


Slorte, Count me in. They announced tutors for the class, Andy Holmes teaching at Chicago. I watched his videos before. He was funny and pretty good at subject matter, at least in Video classes. I was worried about British guy ( Some how I have hard time comprehending British English).

Great. I’m pretty set on attending also - for level 1 though (didn’t realize this was a level 2 thread). The level 1 instructor is Dr. H. Kent Baker, CFA. Any feedback on him? Thanks!