Schweser 3-day Seminars

Could anyone add their views on the value gained from the 3 day intensive seminar? if you remember the name of the instructor that would be great.

I attended the one in NYC in May. It helped me pass the exam, simply put. Whether you should take the class is a different question, though. In my case, I didn’t start until early April, barely finished the Schewser’s readings. I needed somebody who can give me a overall view about the exam. Therefore I could focus on the contends that count for passing. The class gave exact that. Of course it’s always good for you to go to this class even if you know everything already. Here are some reasons I went to the seminar: 1. I didn’t want CFA test take over my life style, at least no that long. I would not start more than 3 month before the test. Passing is the only goal rather than ace it and I think I can achieve that goal in 2 months with the seminar. 2. I am working in the industry now. My daily job is like preparing me for the test already. This is especially true for Level III. 3. My boss picked up the bill and I have no intention to save that for the company. Without going to the seminar, I think I would have to start one month earlier to prepare. The instructor is very good. He may not be the best but good enough to help you to pass. With at least 50% passing rate, you don’t have to be the best either. Here is his name: C. Mitchell Conover, PhD, CFA

I also passed the exam thanks to the 3-day seminar I took in Boston. I remember answering about 10 multiple choice questions simply from memorizing a couple of the key points Dr. Conover drilled into us in class – I barely even had to think. And his short cuts on the essays not only helped me answer the questions quickly and efficiently, but also reduced a whole deal of stress!

Mitch Conover was my instructor in Memphis. I don’t know that I wouldn’t have passed without his tuteledge, but it certainly helped.

thanks everyone … very useful pointers.