Schweser 3-day vs Drilling QBank

Has anyone done the 3-day Schweser review sessions? I’m signed up for it this weekend in SF and wondering if my time is better spent just drilling through more Qbank questions and/or taking a couple practice tests.

That was an amazing 3 day course when it was in Toronto…I was completely lost as to WHAT to study and after the 3 day session I had a good idea what to concentrate on. I hope you get Nathan Hennon, he was one of the best instructors i have ever had - he teaches level 1, 2 and 3 yearly so he knows this stuff inside and out.

Thanks deep… when was the Toronto weekend?

April 25th - april 28th

Looks like with get Dr Andrew Holmes… Anyone have any experience with this guy? Good, Bad, indifferent?

Andrew Holmes? That’s the guy from the Schweser video CDs! Haha that guy is good. A little nerdy but I like his style. Would definitely take his class after watching hour after hour of him giving LOS summaries on a tiny screen.

Andrew Holmes is a VERY good instructor [in absolute terms]. He also teaches at Brigham Young University. But in relative terms … I think he is 1/100th of what Peter Orlinto is for Stalla, I guess that’s what Schweser could do the best. Look at the other crappy crew they have… gosh! I might teach better CFA for them.