schweser 5 day class - anyone take it in 08

Wanted to gather opinions about it… I had to work and missed out on it… But if I need to retake the exam wanted to see how worthwhile it was.

I did it and passed L2 and liked it but the biggest problem is that it is really close to exam day.

Hezagenius, Don’t you find it being close to exam day a benefit?

Ah but you didn’t take it in 08

Anyone take the 5 day class in 08?

PtrainerNY, How long have you worked for Schweser?

I don’t… I am preparing a strategy in case I fail.

It is May 18-22 in 2009. Do you want to wait that long to go to a seminar?

Since the exam is in june if I took it now I’d forget. I did the weekly class and felt it was too much bs

The weekly class and the 5-day seminar have the same slides so you wouldn’t be covering anything different

I did the 5 day seminar.

in 2008? can u tell us about it?

I took it in 2008, it was a brain numbing experience but I think it helped. Of course I will know whether it helped or not 1 week from today.

How many people showed up, were the teachers good?