Schweser add on features?

Hi, There are many schweser upgraded features which when you purchase they ask if you need upgraded, Audio CD $150 Flashcard $170 Pro QBank (looks like the basic contains Qbank as well, don’t know if it’s just basic, what’s the difference?) $180 Secret Sauce $70 Did you buy these? What you think? Should one?

Secret Sauce is great when you are taking practice exams and want to look something up real quick. It is everything condensed into 1 cliff note. It was vital to me at Level I & Level II and hopefully Level III

SS is also useful for quick reviews. And it’s compact enough to carry around, and hits all the high points. As you go through the curriculum, spend 15 minutes reading SS every day for previously covered material (you can easily catch a few minutes here and there), and it’ll really help your retention.

flash cards are very good. i got em for level I and looked at the ethics cards the morning of the exam == for level II, i am definitely getting flash cards.

someone please explain me the difference between Quicksheet, Flash cards and secret sauce…they all sound to be summarised version in bulletpoints

all are different levels of summarization. Quicksheet - 1 big sheet carrying the summarization of the curriculum. – cheat sheet for formulae, quick reference for some topic. flashcards - are summarizations by LOS. Secret sauce - is a cliff notes kind of book - 1 book about 150 or so pages that summarizes the key points from the 5 books they send out. of these, secret sauce is the most popular. flashcards are also useful, if you can read and digest pre-printed flashcards, though most people agree writing out your own flashcards is more useful. CP

I bought the books and QBank first and couple of months later I got flashcards and they cost me $100 + tax and shipping. I ordererd them on the phone.