Schweser alone enough?

This one has probably been beat to death too. But I’m wondering if just Schweser and not the CFAI materials is enough to pass?

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not for the majority

My boss failed twice using Schweser alone and then passed using CFAI only. A guy in my study group failed twice using only Schweser and is using only CFAI this time around. If you fail using the CFAI books you can’t blame it on anything but yourself. Just my advice. This is my first, and only I hope, attempt at L2 and I am using the CFAI books only.

well, i’ve done book 1 - 4 by CFAI , after Equity (book 4) i said to myself… this 700 p mofo nearly killed me… for Derivs, PM, AI and FI i switched to Schweser…i don’t want to have PhD in Economics… Simple example: in the CFAI they explian this “bond tree” on a ten f****** pages, and sill i didn’t understand how to calcute price in each node… i ve opened Schweser and in two pages, in 30 minutes, I have mastered the 15p long wise ass talk in CFAI. Magic? Schweser just gets to the point, but DO NOT rely only on it. Never. Well… I propose this solution - do Schweser, then do CFAI EOCQ, quick scan CFAI text, if you find something that looks not very good covered in Schweser and your intuition says go for it, then go for it… And finally… Create 5 word docs and put there all most important info from the study… Create your own Secret Sauce ___ SFR

I think one good example of where Schweser is not enough is FSA last reading 36. The CFAI texts case studies and all the calculations can be very educational and testable materials. For example, on page 328 CFAI text, try to follow how they are computing the defensive interval ratio. You will see how careful you have to be when you get appropriate values off the Income Statement.

all my friends who passed L2 … used Schweser Books for reading and CFAI for end chapter Questions! good luck … at the end it all depends on how much knowledge you already know regarding any particular topic, that you don’t need to read a lot of details in order to understand it if you already took it in college or MBA courses etc!