Schweser AM exam VS Past CFAI AM exam

Hey guys, Did any one notice that the AM exam from schweser book 6 is very easy related to actual one from CFAI (2006-2008) . I scored around 70 % in AM in schweser exam , but scored only 55 % in 2006 and 2007 and end up with 50 % in 2008 real one. I’m so freaking out as i don’t have anything to do ( read schweser 4 times and hit CFAI in weakness area plus did all question bank plus did all EOC in CFAI and book 6 in schweser and mock and sample exam from CFAI. Any advise ?

any one ?

no one . Ok thankx :(:(:(:

night, I have the opposite problem. I found CFAI to be more logical than Schweser. I just finished Exam 2 of book 2 of schweser. Scored around 80% for CFAI 2007 AM while I scored 65% in the Schweser AM. Don’t know if this helps or confuses things more. Sorry bud!

I’m with mofo, I’ve scored better on the CFAI tests (06 and 07)