Schweser AM mock quality

After having completed all Kaplans and CFAI’s (2009-2016) mocks does anyone else agree with me that Kaplans quality of mocks is extremely poor? They are still a good learning exercise but I feel the way they test us is not representative of how CFAI has been approaching questions? For one, Kaplan tests GIPS far too much in the AM. They continually have us write ever objective and constraints which is waste of minutes they can assign else where as CFAI wont do that. I don’t know but I feel they dropped the ball big time. Their PM’s are good though. They seem to have the item set stuff down well but I find myself rolling my eyes ALOT when doing their morning papers. Not because they are hard, just because I know its not something we would be asked to do.

You are correct. I agree. Good answer keys though, better than CFAI.

True but I would rather have quality questions then quality answers.

It is not the first time that I hear of Schweser’s AM tests not being representative of real AM exam. I never used the Schweser AM exams, but just taking the fact that they tested GIPS on AM portion and as you’ve seen in the past 10 years of real AM exams GIPS has not been tested, this is a red flag. That’s not to say that GIPS won’t be tested in real AM, but judging from past AM exams, probability is low.

Yep. This why I only actually took one of the AM exams and simply reviewed the cases and answers for the other two. The PM exams were decent practice though I thought.

I’d imagine that its not very easy to write AM exam cases and questions though, so I was willing to cut them some slack.

I am definitely cutting them slack and I know its hard but Kaplan is the leader in their field. They have the resources and I expected more. Either way, it is still a good learning exercise but if I wanted to be a real critic I could flag at least 30 minutes of point value thats not logically representative of CFAI.