Schweser AM Tests

Anyone completes these? I have skipped and only have done Schweser PMs.

If you did find them useful, which ones were the best? Will probably tackle one or two over memorial day weekend

Best to stick with CFAI now.

yeh, CFA for AM, however you can get some good practice with Schweser PM.

I agree. Have just looked at those so many times, I think I’m just starting to memorize the q’s. Not sure how useful that is.

I did all the Vol 1 exams after doing the CFAI past exams and thought that Vol 1 AM and PM were pretty helpful. I heard that Vol 2 is just to wordy and tedious so not touching it.

i thought Volume 1 was pretty helpful make sure to do all CFAI exams too.

i think schweser tries to trick you too much so you learn better

I believe they are good for practice. I am attempting all 3 in Volume-1 this weekend… and a couple of CFA mocks. If you plan on doing Schweser Vol-1, do ALL 3 exams as doing all 3 would generally cover and touch all the IMP topics at least once.

Good luc. Crunch time now.

Volume 1 was helpful. Started vol 2 today. I was scared. But I realizes it’s just the IPS questions that create most problem for me. Don’t grade theseexams. But reading the solution is a good review source.