Schweser and CFA curriculum together

Hello all! I´ve been trying to find an answer to this but to no avail. What kind of approach should i take to effectively use both the schweser notes and cfa curriculum books together? I do not want to solely depend and read only schweser notes and i want to make full use of the curriculum books as well. I was thinking of maybe starting of with schweser first and then the curriculum books for more detail but i thought that might be double the work. or vice versa, and using schweser notes for the weekly reviewing. Any suggestions will be great! thanks in advance =D!!

What’s the problem here? Nobody knows how you study best. Both of those are very useful and people have passed the CFA exams with all manner of mixtures between those two (you can absolutely pass by being dropped on a desert island with just Schweser). The important thing is to study something.

Thanks Joey for replying. I have looked through the Schweser notes and it seems very adequate on itself. I didn’t use Schweser when i studied for the Ethics bit but i’m on to FSA right now and it’s my weak point so i do not really wanna miss out on anything. So i guess, the curriculum books can be used to just clarify or go into more details the points made in the Schweser notes? i study best with a lot of reading and not so much of going through materials in notes form. Thanks again!