Schweser and CFA mocks

Well, I did the first Book 6 exam on saturday. Got 77% AM and 80% PM. very pleased but i did do the exact same test last year so i may have subconciously memorised the answers. will do the other two book 6 exams over the next two saturdays. had a glance at book 7, the calculations and the theory questions look brutal. i didnt get to book 7 last year, i reckon if i di them id get 55% to 60% and a dent in my confidence. is there much point in doing book 7 exams as the questions look vastly different to last years exam or the CFA mocks?

Don’t do Book 7. I did one last year and got 71.67% I believe, but it felt a lot harder. The funny thing is for Book 6, I did Exam 1AM and got 80% last year and this year I only got 77%! So subconsioucly I must have forgot the answers haha.

cheers topher, remember getting 53% and 55% in them last year which led me onto a band 9 so preparations looking better this year. might give one of the book 7 exams a shot after reading the thread. about schweser book 2 below. been off the drink for 44 days now so am very much looking forward to finishing this out!!