Schweser and CFAI readings

Schweser of course prints its notes according to the LOS and the CFAI readings being the efficient source they are will give you pages that go beyond the LOS. I am using both books together and when I see Schweser not covering a topic I usually don’t read it in the CFAI texts because I assume Schweser carefully read the LOS and determined that it would not be covered in the exam. I suppose I am a little weary of just skipping it though as its seems CFAI is on a mission to punish Prep Provider readers. But then again it doesn’t seem to be covered in the LOS and I don’t want to waste time reading unneccessary material. What are your opinions on this?

don’t assume anything … CFA will test based on CFA texts not Schweser, so its your call. Some folks here are using only prep providers while others are going w/ the curriculum.

On the basis that you need 70% to pass, if there are a couple of questions come exam day where Schweser missed something, then I’ll take my chances.

i exclusivley used schweser for level 1 and passed on first attempt the cfa curriculum is simply toooooooooooooooooooooooo big with tooo much useless info. i do plan, however, to go through the end of reading questions in the cfa curriculum to make sure schweser didn’ neglect anything. non the less, how can one expect to read that much and retain it all?

I don’t consider it wasted time to read the CFAI notes, and that is my goal. I have Schweser notes as well for extra questions and review. If I become strapped for time though I will switch to Schweser as my primary source as I did halfway through L1…

I will be reading all of the CFAI texts due to the following comment on page ‘X’ of the books: “Every question on the CFA examination is based on specific pages in the required readings…Frequently, an examination question is also tied to a specific example highlighted within a reading…” Also, I am not willing to risk suffering a repeat of the Treynor-Black debacle that sunk a few L2s last year.