Schweser and Stalla expensive

Hello guys, I have registered for June 2012 level 1 exam. I have already bought CFA Level I books from CFA institute. Reading from people comments in this forum seems like buying additional study guide from Stalla or Schweser is helpful but they are very expensive. Did you guys actually paid that much money or bought the used one? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Bought Elan. Havnt used the study guides as much as I prefer reading the CFAI material (feel like a grasp it better). Having the mocks and additional questions are awesome tho. Definitely worth the investment

you can use schweser notes 2011

You don’t NEED study guides so you can get by with just the CFA books too. If you want them, I’ve used Schweser and Élan and preferred Élan, which is much cheaper as well.

Elan is known to use fake posters on this forum promoting their products. Do your own search and talk your friends/coworkers. Get GENUINE opinions. Both of the authors you mention are good and have been around a long time.

Check our samples from all of them: Schweser, Stalla, Elan. I have also come across some other providers like Allen Resources, AnalystNotes and FinQuiz that are not too expensive. I would respectfully disagree with irlfaan7 on using Schweser 2011 because all the Economics material and some of the FRA material for 2012 is different than in 2011. Right now I’m trying my best to study from the CFAI books. It can’t get better than to study from books and do practice questions written by the authors of the actual exam.

You don’t need them. Just give yourself enough time and hit the CFAI material hard. The only thing I would recommend buying would be the practice exams booklet from schweser.

Thank you all for your suggestions. I am planning to go through the CFAI materials and Schweser practice exams volume 1 & 2. I hope this should be enough. How about Schweser ProQBank? Is it worth buying it or should be enough with the CFAI materials plus the practice exams?

sbans Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > How about Schweser ProQBank? Is it worth buying it > or should be enough with the CFAI materials plus > the practice exams? I think it’s OK for Level I, but I wouldn’t use Schweser QBank for Level II and III.

^ That’s what I’ve heard too

Hi All, I was thinking the same thing. I sort of felt a bet ripped off having to shell out another $450 for Schwser. I ended up bouncing between the notes and CFAI texts, which was double the work. I found all I needed was a solid test bank of practice questions to help me review the CFA Textbook materials. For Level 2, I used a test bank of questions from Professor Gordon ($99, but he will give you a discount if you ask!) Look him up under “exam success”. Just my thoughts!

Hi ggoffunds, I’ve never heard of Professor Gordon and exam success before, thanks for sharing. Did you pass Level 2 on the first try with the help of this test bank only & the CFAI books? Thanks

not much of a self study guy, have always felt someone teaching me helps much more. besides, at the cost of their self study guides, I am able to get fairly good teachers doing live lectures.

I have purchased Schewer`s 2011 material and i want to appear for June 2012, can anyone help me with the changes and should i read the 2011 material and appear for the exams or should i repurchase>? couz the cost is really high for Schewer material. Awaiting response … Thanks