Schweser App for Ethics

Is anyone using the app from Schweser? I just downloaded it and it appears to have quite a bit of ethics content. Curious to see what others think?

I think it is all of their QBank content. Its great for reading on the go, in confined spaces (the tube!).

This thing is great! It has videos as well.

i find the ethics ap to be great to read in the bathroom, just exrtra reinforcement

Yeah. A great little app. I wish they did it for other topics as well. All in good time I suppose.

Yep, I love it! (Especially for being free). But just to clarify, it only covers ethics/conduct/gips (basically SS#1). Still, absolutely worth it if you have iOS. I do believe it’s got all the Qbank questions for the aforementioned subject matter, and the Schweser video lectures as well. I’ve been using it primarily for the videos while I do my morning treadmill session, very worth it.