schweser asset allocation material

As a warning, I found the Schweser asset allocation stuff (Readings and SchweserPro) to be not a particularly good representation of the CFAI material. In line with previous experience, the SchweserPro seems to repeat a lot of certain kinds of questions, but misses other areas completely. The notes seem okay at first glance, but I do not think I would score well on test day looking a that particular study session’s notes alone. Has anyone else had the same conclusion? I would say that the notes plus book problems (as said a billion times on this site) may get you there, if you know the problems cold. Just a word of caution.

notes plus book problems is obviously the best way to go but overall, i found the asset allocation material from schweser pretty decent. Barring a couple of places where i had to refer to CFAI, it seemed well done. one place i’m not liking schweser is fixed income… terrible notes

I read schweser and did the CFAI practice questions for Reading 25. I scored okay. I think SChweser covered enough that you can score > 70% on the section The scatter point question wasn’t even addressed, though.

I’ve not cracked open the CFAI books yet, where’s this scatterpoint question, can’t find it in the index