Schweser Audio / MP3 w/ Notes

I found that the audio / mp3 cd’s are nearly word for word dictations of the Schweser notes. This proved extremely helpful when reading the books and not getting caught on any topic for too long. Anyone experienced this? For L1, I spent 5 days of reading / listening simultaneously. It was about 40 hours of lecture if I remember correctly, which amounted to about 8 hours of reading/studying per day. Anyone else found this to be true?

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tkchunc, I did that last year studying for L2 and thought it was great idea. Took me awhile to figure that out though. Had the audio for L1 and thought it was a waste of time. Tried it again for L2 and thought the same thing again. I was listening them in the car and on my MP3 and just wasn’t paying attention to what the reader was saying. Then, I thought maybe there weren’t designed for that. I tried it while I read the notes and everything was much more focused and clearer. Now I wish I had audio for my textbooks when I was in undergrad. It would be a great business idea if someone made audio for the CFAI texts too. You got a good strategy, all the best on L2.