Schweser Audio MP3s

Has anyone used the Schweser audio MP3s before?? If so, can you comment on the usefulness of them?? do they justify the $179 price tag? Thanks

I used them for L2. They were nice to have but I wouldn’t say they helped me pass. They are word-for-word readings of the Notes without the examples. They were good for commuting. Not sure if they were worth the price tag.

I used them for L2 also. I thought they were worth it. They certainly wont be the deal breaker, but I found them useful in helping me remember material. So as I’m studying one section, Id be listening to the audio of other sections. Plus commuting and the like, its cool to listen over and over again. I found them quite helpful - I’m not able to quantify the difference they made in isolation though. I’m going to buy the L3 ones if that makes any kind of statement

i used them for L3 last year, and I liked them. i tend to lose focus while reading, and, since i played them while reading, they helped me stay focused. So i was able to get through the readings a little quicker, and i didn’t need to double back and re-read things. if i had to take another level, i would get them again

I used them for L2, found them to be moderately helpful. It’s a nice run through of the LOS while you’re working out.

I think I’ll buy them to review the material while doing some sports…might be useful for the first 30minuts (and then just relax…) - it’s hard to read books even on fitness machines.