Schweser - Bk 6 vs "Practice Exams" Bk

Anyone know what’s the difference? Which one is harder? I’ve started sitting the papers in book 6 - getting 60% at the mo (but not done practice Qs on Ethics or Asset Valn yet - so pretty good - but not good enough). Next I’m planning to do the Practice Book, then all papers that are available to buy. I note that there are only 60 questions per paper on the online sample exams?

I just finished the 2nd CFAI exam and got an 80%(yeah!). I don’t have experience with book 6, but the CFAI exam seemed really easy to me. Does anyone know if the 5 exams have different difficulty weightings. I took the first CFAI exam last weekend and got a 51%. I am currently getting around 70% on most qbank exams.

Questions in the “Practice Exam” book are more similar to the real exam.

Thanks Candidate1201

Book 6 exams are not to difficult, but they are very time consuming, I was doing very well on time in Q bank, but Book 6 exams are completely different animal. I’ve heard book 6 are closer to the real thing. Though I took one of 2006 CFAI sample exams and they seemed easier than the book 6 exams.

book 6 is far more calculation based then the real exam , cfaI exams are closer to the real thing …some of the questions on the CFAI exam I just took were actually on the june exam