Schweser book 1 exam 2 - par value shares

In the questions 7-12, the value of Fedora is 132m$ with 5 millions shares, 10$ par value.

I completely lost, what is par value share? Why 10*5 is equal to 132?

It’s the price at issuance of the share, without any premium

Like (valeur nominale de l’action)

Honestly, schweser exams are not always well worded, sometimes questions are not precise enough

you even have 2 vignettes with the same data and different questions

So this is the value of share of Fedora at issuance. This information is given maybe for misleading people :(. Good new is I know now the issued share is call par value share.

Maybe one day, schweser will put some irrelevant equations like schrodinger or e=mc2 in order to make questions more difficult.

Thank you.

132/5 = 26.40 per share

why do you need to breakdown? you have stock price

26.40 - 10 = 16.40

10 common stock

16.40 paid-in capital

I know that. But when I see the value $10, I wondered what is it, and this unsuefull info took me 30s-60s.