Schweser - Book 4 pp.126 LOS 38.g

Has anyone noticed that the paragraph for this LOS does not seem to be fully complete? There is no breakdown of the “two feasible strategies” as per the LOS?? (Subject: hedging exchange rate risk - limitations/feasible strategies for managing)

Confused F___ Analyst What does the F stand for?

I think the strategies are: 1. hedge both equity risk and currency risk; 2. estimate the ending value of your foreign portfolio, and then buy currency forwards that have the same principal value as your ending value esimate.

Maybe you can help me - Finally I decided to sign up for exam (friday 15) - I paid 635 USD and I got (yesterday) a book with all CFA Books my question is: - is it cfa’s new policy to “sell also” the books (or I bought them because i did not realize there was an exam only fee) thxs a lot WHEN I PREPARED LEVELS II AND I , some years ago - i got the scheweser summaries regards, aht

books are included now with the exam registration fee