Schweser Book 6 Exam 3 Ethics Spoiler

One of the ethics questions has a violation because somone works for 30 hrs per week as a waitress which is likely to be tiring and will deprive her employer of her skills. How many hours per week are you guys studying for CFA? I’m over 30 now, Dinesh is miles over. We may leave our employers so there is no guarantee they will benefit from this study. Does that make this whole thing unethical?

depending on your job. some ibank job dont requier as much brain power as the others hehee

Is it breaking te rules if you tell your employer?

I am going to sue CFA for having me deprived off my sleep. I don’t quiet remember the last time I had a good sound 8 hr sleep. I think it’s affecting my health heavily and I might fall dead after the clock hits 5.00 PM EST on the 7th. I am just 5% sure of making it to L3 also the softwares that I wrote past 1 month has bugs all over the place I think I am doomed for life. Trying to achieve too much in too little time gets you nowhere. I think the boat has begun to sink.

On the exam it will be glaring. i.e. 5 hrs a week vs. 30 hrs a week.