Schweser Book 6 or Schweser Online Practice Exam

I was wondering if anyone has tried both the book 6 and the online practice exam (not book 7) from Schweser? Which is a better bet? I can only try one due to time constraints. Thanks.

if you’re talking about the schweser q-bank, i’d skip it…questions seem way too straight forward and easy… i’d go for the book 6

it’s actually not the q-bank…just 4 online version full papers like book 6.

mystically, I would suggest you to just do 1 FULL-Exam (with emulated time conditions) from Book-6 just to get the feel of the things and take all the 5 CFAI online Exams.

I have tried 2 online schweser practice exams. They are less exam-like and more calculation based. I also felt like they were more challenging. I wouldn’t recommend doing more than 1 or 2 at this point.