Schweser Book 6 Results

Day 1, AM: 68.33% Day 1, PM: 75.83% Day 2, AM: 76.67% Still far from where I want to be… anyone else?

Haven’t taken any exams yet, but will post when I get to my first this coming saturday.

I feel like book 6 has too many calculatons is it

Really? Following all of the qbank items, it feels like there aren’t any calculations. Day 2 AM was really calculation light.

Im only scoring in like low 70’s on book 6 But, on sample exams im in the high 70’s

Exam 1 AM: 73% Exam 1 PM: 76% Exam 2 AM: 76% Exam 2 PM: 78%

beingthatguy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Im only scoring in like low 70’s on book 6 > > But, on sample exams im in the high 70’s The CFA samples? You find them easier? How have they been different in your opinion?

I feel like they are more straight forward. I’m not sure why I think I get lost reading longer questions vs those that are right to the point

Scored a 72 in the first AM session and a 75 in the first PM session. Still a little too close to borderline for my comfort. Still have a week and a half to fine tune in some areas and practice reading and understanding some of the practice questions.

Exam 1 AM: 75% Exam 1 PM: 77% Exam 2 AM: 76% Exam 2 PM: 83% Was feeling good, and then got a 70% on a 60Q Qbank test this afternoon… pretty weak I also took the free CFAI sample exam a few weeks ago, which seemed pretty easy to me. I made a few stupid mistakes, but still got an 83%. Does anyone think that the other ones are worth taking? Not sure if I want to shell out another $60 for a mock exam.

book 6 simular in difficulty to schweser volume 2?

heard that book 7 (volume 2) is much harder, but haven’t taken any of those exams yet.

willis, did u find the cfai exams drastically different from schweser qbank/book questions? i keep hearing how different they are…

Book 6 - 66% Book 7 - 55%

Just finished Book 6 3AM and got 78%. Was hoping for more, since i was able to finish off Book 7 with an average of 74-75%. Back to books until Sunday, and then first Mock, just to gauge where exactly i stand. Saving the last mock for Thursday, after which i’m doing only minor touch ups on notes and just hoping i’ll peak come Saturday.

jimyoung, the questions were slightly different, but I didn’t necessarily find them harder. In fact, if you have a good fundamental understanding of the concepts, I actually found it easier when they asked conceptual questions that do not require calculations. When I take the Schweser exams (book 6), I feel that they are trying to trick me on every question.