Schweser book 6 -

Have anyone tried schweser book 6. Tried it and failed…

i tried a practice exam a couple nights ago…i put the answers into the performance tracker online and it gave me a breakdown of how i did in each topic…seemed pretty valuable. What is your impression?

Thanks. I am now revising my incorrect answers

Don’t worry too much on time if it is your first book6 exam. A lot of Schweser questions are time consuming plug and chug questions. However I must say that the second exam went much better for me, I actually finished within the time limit, with a low 70% score. And yes, I like the online tracker part. It shows you how well you stack up to everyone else.

I split them up and do them as 2 different 120 question tests. Mostly because I like to break them down one at a time and go over everything I missed. I’ve been in the mid-high 60s on my first two (because I hadn’t read the Ethics section yet) and just over 70% on my third 120. I think the questions are quite good in most areas, although some of them are quite a bit longer in the caculations. After taking 2 CFAI online tests, I can say that the Schweser questions adequately portray the material and style of question that the CFAI is putting out. I have book 7 too, but haven’t done any of those yet.

What was your score in CFAI test

am glad to hear that schweser is close to CFAI practice, i haven’t looked at those yet, was saving until i feel like i am getting solid “passing type” numbers on schweser. Now i don’t feel like i am wasting my time with schweser, even though cranking out questions can’t be too much of a waste.