Schweser Book 7 1AM

Hey everyone, I’ve been gone for a couple days, so hope everyone is doing well! I took the 1st exam in book 7 today, and I have to say, I thought it was extremely hard. I felt like I was back at Level 1 for half of the questions. What was everyone’s thoughts on this one? Am I losing my mind?

No love…

No love for Book 7. Avoiding that thing like the plague… (except for the 2006 questions, that is)

I mastered book seven last year. Went through all their ridiculous problems until it was second nature. Only problem was on exam day I rarely had to pull my calculator from its sheath.

I’m thru #2am on book7 LanceTX, and so far they’re all just as mean. You can see on the Schweser online scoring comparison how the mean (median?) score for the test takers drops about 10 pts from book6 to book7. I’m hoping it’ll be like swinging two bats in the on deck circle PS - if you go on to the next couple of tests, check the errata on schweser b/c there are a few questions that will drive you nuts - actually, one might have been in the exam you took…

I’m trying to work through the FSA and equity questions and they’re insane…avg questions right 2/6.

yeah. not easy. ethics is good practice though.