schweser Book 7 pisses me off

I know ppl have already posted this many times…but today was my first experience with book7…Sorry just have to vent… The questions are ridculously long…and they throw in like 2 paragraphs of useless (distractor) information. One of the questions you have to know whether austria or norway uses continuous or call markets…i mean comeon…do i really need to know this? I took my time on the first exam today, probably went over by a total of about an hour and got 161/240=67% frustrating…

something to remember is that Book 7 is considerably harder than the real exam. The real exam tends to have short, quick and to the point questions, nothing like those long questions in Book 7! Best practice you can do is Book 6 and the practice exams if you can afford them - if you score around 70% in those you will be well on your way to Level 2 in a few weeks time :slight_smile: good luck!

LongOnCFA A 67% in book 7 is like an 80% for Book 6. I wouldn’t get to frustrated. Go back to 6 or do some CFAI exams. You seem prepared.

I’ve done the first half of both books and I’m actually getting the same scores in book 7 that I did in book 6, around 68-70. But I did the book 6 first so hopefully that means I’m improving.