Schweser book exams

Are these included in the whole package you can buy? I keep hearing about them but all I ordered was the online material and the tests that you can put together yourself. I don’t know anything about this Book 6 and 7 stuff. So my question is, what is harder, the Book 6 and 7 you all say is so hard, or the tests you can create yourself. Say, if I used only the hard questions for a 60 or 120 question exam?

Amber - I purchased book 6 & 7 as part of the essentials package from Schweser - that included the study notes books and Q bank as well. I find the book 6 harder than the Q bank - but I usually use Easy, Mediam and Hard when I make up a test on Q bank. You can also purchase “online” sample exams from Schweser which are three exams. I have used these as well, as I purchased them in the package for the Final Review this weekend…I have only done 1 of these, but they are similar to the book 6. I have not tried a book 7 test, but am planning to next week. Does that help?

Yes, thanks. I am guessing the hardest Qbank questions are similar to the Book 6 and 7 questions.