Schweser Book vs. CFA Institute Curriculum Book

Hi All

I would like to ask a general question. Do I have to buy additionally Schweser Books.

The CFA Institute Curriculum Books that I received after level 3 registration are not very thick and bulky

So it seems that I can use them for level 3 preparation. In the pass I did not read CFA Institute Curriculum level 2 Books as they are too thick. I mainly studied with Schweser level 2 books.

What do you guys think? I have to buy Schweser Books level 3 and study with them?

Thank you for reply.


The readings are still pretty tough to get through, even though there are fewer pages than L2. I used Schweser at L1/L2 but like you thought that since the CFAI books were smaller it’d be easier to just go through those. After a few readings I found myself missing the brevity of Schweser and wound up switching over.

So no, of course you don’t have to buy them, but if you’re used to using Schweser you might find yourself missing it. I know I did.

You can buy Schweser…, but I wouldn’t skip the CFAI Books…, if I were you.

Use CFAI Books and supplement with Schweser.

I have a similar query. I both have CFAI and Schweser books, and last week I started with Behavioral Finance on CFAI material.

I passed L1 and L2 nicely using only Schweser, as CFAI seemed too long. With L3 I am sort of inclined of doing things “properly” and attack CFAI books, so to gain some extra knowledge.

My question is the following: page count yields 2000 for CFAI and 1000 for Schweser L3. This is not a trivial difference, as it will take me about 2 extra months just to cover the whole curriculum, once.

Page layout is comparable, so what is missing in those 1000 pages? I noticed that CFAI tends to repeat ideas over and over again, but what else?

With L2 I found the the text to be too concise sometimes, and some concept were not easy to understand. However also taking 10 pages to say what you can say in 2 is not good.

Ideas? Direct experiences on both books?

By the way, CFAI L3 are about 33% longer than Schweser L2, which was already quite a lot of stuff.

very exciting!)