schweser book7:1am,2006cfa scores

68% for 1am, 77% for 2006CFA. How is everyone else? I feel style of book7 quetions is very different from actual CFA questions. The latter is a lot more clear cut on LOS testing points compared to the former. For those who have done it, do you think book7 is worth doing?

There’s always thread in notes of those answers for book7, although not easily found or it’s vague in wording and without examples/formulas etc. sometimes. I think it always makes sense when you say some of them might be tested in one real exam. However, to combine bunch of questions like this within one exam, as far as I think, is impossilbe. But maybe schweser just doesn’t want to combine many easy ones with the difficult ones to “create” one reasonable score. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time to be tested again and again on some questions you’re apparently not gonna miss in the mocks.

62% for 1am, 79% for 2006CFA. I’m not going to do anymore of book 7. I’ve been consistently scoring in the mid 70s for all of book 6 and felt book 7 was nothing like anything else. I’m going to spend the rest of my reviewing material.