Schweser books 2009 vs 2010

Does anybody know if there have been any changes to the level 2 material between 2009 and 2010? Is it ok to go ahead and use the 2009 Schweser books to study for the 2010 exam?

Do it. I don’t think it would hurt you one bit as most of the general topics have been retained. Try comparing the 2009 LOS with the 2010 LOS so that you can pinpoint those topics that are similar. For the rest, you should look into the CFAI books.

to see SS changes click here : to see LOS changes in each SS (detailed) click here:

Ive skimmer over FI and Alt with the new schweser books and they appeared almost identical from what I remember. So I would say if the LOS is the same then the 2009 books would be sufficient.

I wasn’t as brave and I purchased 2010 schweser notes and so far after reading Derivatives and Equity every chapter is identical… even the end of chapter questions are identical.

Oooops! I stand corrected on Equity. Looks like the CFAI stuck in a brand new reading at the end of SS12. They added Private Company Valuation and removed the Anatomy of Valuation. Proceed with caution…

Taxes have been removed from L2 and ported to L3.