Schweser books 2010 and 2011

Hi all, Anyone happen to know if there is a big difference between the 2010 L3 and 2011 L3 schweser books. I have the 2010 ones, so not sure if its worth getting the 2011 ones. Of course if my work is willing to saddle up and pay, I will.

This link has the differences

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thanks studynomore. DOesnt look like a heap of changes, but too late now, i just ordered the 2011 books today, but its cool my work said they would pay. Thommo - looking forward to participating here, but really not in the mood for studying, but i figure gotta go for it and get this final hurdle out the way. Missed that, but although im aussie not living there. Going to look it up though, could be good for a laugh…

studynomore Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > This link has the differences > > Hi, the link shows the difference between 2010 and 2011 CFAI, but not Schweser books. Do I miss something? Any tips on changes in Schweser books are appreciated. Thanks.

Schweser notes make changes based on the changes in the Curriculum. So by looking at the curriculum changes, you can atleast get an idea of what has or needs to be changed in schweser