Schweser books 4 and 5...WTF!!!

I haven’t seen this discussed before. If it has been discussed, sorry for being totally clueless. So I got the Schweser books a couple of days ago to use as an aid…just like the good people at the CFAI recommend. Decided to leaf through the books to look at stuff this evening. Was looking at book 4 and it just didn’t make sense. Then I realized that I received 2 book 5’s. One of them just has the outside cover of book 4. The inside is all book 5. Did anybody else receive this fakey book 4? If you ordered the Schweser books…do yourself a favor and check your book 4. I’m pretty sure they didn’t print just one book 4 to mess with my head. Good luck.

LMAO. Good thing you discovered it in February…

I think something like this had happened to others this year. It was discussed a while back when the books first came out. Just send them an email…they’ll send you a copy real quick.

They sent me 2 copies of book 4 a few months ago… Guess their printers had to even it out