Schweser Books, Does year matter?

I’m looking to take the exam in June 2012. I want to buy the schweser study books. Does it matter which edition I buy? Are the 2011 or 2012 versions updated with new vital informaiton?

I would also be very grateful for opinions on what study materials you would recommend other than the official CFA books. Or just any advice in general. Thanks!

The curriculum has changed but not that much. You can use 2011 books but its better if you go with 2012. Schweser for Level 1 is fine a part from CFA books in fact only consult those areas from CFA books which you find difficult in understanding from Schweser. Regarding Ethics I would suggest you to complete them from Curriculum as they are tricky. Good Luck!

Not that I would do such a thing but… The books are available are typically available online somewhere for free and staples offers a reasonably priced printing option. Just sayin’