Schweser breakdown

My study needs: Book # 1 - I need to read CFAI Ethics handbook twice between now and June 7. The rest of book 1 I am comfortable with, with the exception of a couple lists I need to go back over. Book# 2 - Pretty good with this book need to go over the institution IPS section a couple more times. WACC with pension included (No calculations I just found out). I also need to memorize the calculations in econ and a couple lists Book # 3 - Fairly Qualitative need to go through a couple more times. Book # 4/5 - I spent the last two weekends taking painfully detailed notes, need to use over and over to gain “Repetitive advantage” (Can I trademark that?) Over all I need to start doing problems as well, I feel (Maybe naively so, that I have a good grasp on IPS but it looks like CFA through in some questions aren’t as direct as I may think. As far as I am concerned I Probably have roughly 100 hours of study time between now and June 7 (Thats 8 hours sat/sun and whenever I can on weekday nights). I have found for me repeating over and over is key so hopefully I can pull off another miracle… Where are all of you? Good Luck!!!

Finishing reviewing Book 5, Then i i will do book 1,2,3 :slight_smile: I read all CFAI but it looks like it was of no use.

i have just finished my first reading of all the books - … now revision time… i’ll probably start with a quick read of a session and then go thru the cfai ques… and the last 15 days, i’m keeping for sample exams i haven’t seen any feedback for stalla passmaster here… any good ? … bec i’m finding schweser pro kind of crappy

I started doing CFAI end of chapter questions. I donno about you guys but I find them to be easier than some of Schweser or Stalla questions. Could be a good sign for me?

u really needhelp… CFAI questions r much more comprehensive and difficult

I finished my first CFAI pass 10 days ago. Now on my second CFAI pass. Very ambitious goal of finishing it by May 14. But am likely to run out of time, so the last two volumes will be probably Schweser only. From May 14 until June 7, I have three days budgeted for ethics and the rest for last pass through Schweser, CFAI end-of-chapter problems and old exams. I have a feeling am going to flunk this exam as retention is zero.

will finish gips tonight and then on to review. plan on taking a practice exam next weekend to id strengths and weaknesses (have a feeling i am going to find more weaknesses than strengths! i am in the same boat, understood it at the time, retained nothing). think the key is to work the cfai questions again and then as many other questions as possible.

Most of the Stalla questions are a joke this time… I hope we don’t get screwed on the actual exam.

Everyone should follow whatever study methods work for them, but for me, rereading anything at this point if you have already done a “once-thru” is a waste of time. Doing the problems is the primary focus right now… all problems available again and again until I practically memorize the questions and answers… Also, one large formula sheet to memorize completely has been helpful in the past.

I finished most of the CFAI books, about half of the CFAI problems, and about 70% of the Schweser Pro stuff. I have some work left in Ethics / GIPS, and am working on that. For coverage, I plan on doing the CFAI sample exams/mock exams, BSAS and the first three Schweser exams. I also have Windsor as a comprehensive review. Going forward, I will create two study aids: 1) Memorization book of info 2) Bunch of sample problems It should be a fun month!

Just finished all readings in Schweser. Now thinking of following steps- practice practice practice : 1) all end-of-chapter CFAI questions 2) sample past exams 3) CFA current exams. (And refreshing all material where the weaknesses are particularly stark, which is probably more than 90%, as retention is very low). Any other suggestions? Schweser sample exams for LVL 2 were irrelevant- dont want to go down that path for LVL 3… I heard that Analyst Notes, which were a good drill for LVL 2 are not good for LVL 3. Does anyone have a guess/etimate of whether going through Schweser readings has any chance of getting through the test? Probably can still push through CFAI books before exam.

Did a “once through” on Schweser, excluding ethics. Doing a second run-through, this time taking immensely detailed notes in a seperate notebook. For each 100 pages of Schweser, about 15 pages of notes designed to cover the direct answer to each LOS, plus some supporting info where I felt unsure of the material. I am finished with the first 2.5 books. Hope to finish the rest by one week from Sunday. At that point I will go through my notes a bit and memorize what I think needs memorizing. I will also start practice exams/problems. I have the last week before the exam off. I plan to spend about half that time on practice exams/problems, and the other half focusing on GIPS, ethics, and IPS. Call it 3 practice exams, 10 hours of IPS, and 5 hours each on GIPS and ethics.