Schweser/CFA help???

I obviously have the CFA text but also have the Schweser notes. I need some help on how to study for this thing. Do I need to read every single word in every book in the CFA books? Or should I read every book that comes with the Schweser text and then use the CFA to supplement; or vice versa? I am starting my readings now; so if I get done with all my reading by the end of March does that leave enough time to go over sample exams and go over material that is vague to me? Stressin already and its only February!!

You should read every single word from Schweser and supplement it with CFA text. End of march is fine for doing sample exam qns but as for going over the material a second time, it differs from individual. Try to do the Q-bank qns along the way while you’re reading each SS. Good Luck! Relax :slight_smile: