Schweser & CFA Texts

Quick question to retakers or thoughtful first timers. For levels 1 & 2 I used Schweser texts, Q-bank, and CFAI EOC’s. Both times i received >70% in all categories, and felt prepared for about 98% of the questions. Throughout studying for both exams I would pop in to AF and read posts about how people thought Schweser texts, could not get you a pass and how you needed to use CFAI texts. Furthermore, after writing level 2 I read threads like “Schweser screwed me !” full of people claiming Schweser did not prepare them properly. This was obviously not the case. Although I realize much of this was nonsensical, my question is, will the Schweser texts, CFAI EOC questions and CFAI practise exams prepare me adequately to pass ? I think I know the answer but I’d like some encouragement. Would appreciate thoughts on this, or any suggestions to supplement my current plan.

I only remember 2-3 people scoring above 70% on all parts of L1 and L2 and those that did moved through L3 on the first go. With that being the case you probably have a pretty good hold of the CFA curriculum. My take is that most people take the route that you are going and on average 50% are going to pass. With your past scores I would say only about .005% score that well on L1 and L2. Your approach obviously has worked well for you and should probably stay with it. If you have time and energy to go to the CFAI books and go through them it wouldn’t hurt.