Schweser "Challenge" Problems

Hello Everbody,

I just have a general question in regards to the Schweser 2015 Study Calendar. It only says to complete the Concept Checkers, but nothing about the “Challenge” problems. Obviously there is a lot of value to these questions - so, are you completing these as well?

The only reason I ask is because they are time consuming and I’m wondering if they are necessary or just redundant.


I haven’t solved all challenge problems because it may be useless in some point. The real exam questions are like the EOC (concept checkers) questions, so you should prepare more for multiple choice questions than solving-problems questions. What I’m trying to say is that the way of solving those 2 kind is tottaly different, the challenge problems can set you in a slower way of solving multiple choice questions because you get used to use more paper, write ecuations, etc. Multiple choice must be fast, mental in some kind, flash writing and full calculator.

Yes, this is kind of what I was thinking.