Schweser chocolate cake

Reading schweser after reading the cfa core curriculum is like pounding down a bowl full of vegetables (raw, no seasonal and NO cheese) and then getting to eat a chocolate cake. What a great temptation to skip your veggies and go right to the cake.

haha is schweser that much more palatable?

I stand by my analogy. Yummy. Although this might be more a comment on the core material than the supplement.

The CFAI texts are so boring. frown

Ha Ha agree with PDX. In terms of Thanksgiving analogy, the curriculum gives you a serious case of indigestion. What I have found useful is to read Schweser first and then if necessary the curriculum. Much better progress that way.

That’s the reason people don’t pass - cuz they don’t want to eat their vegetables. Reading Schweser notes first is fine, but you need to do all the CFAI EOCs & Blue Boxes. Good luck.

How mch time would you say you need to devote if your strategy is o get through schwser first, skim the CFAI text with focus on areas where Schweser may be lacking, do all EOCs and blue boxes and then hopefully a second pass through schweser before taking a couple weeks for practice questions and mock exams? I am thinking of starting next week and can probably commit to about 15 hours a week for now. Will be on holiday in January for a week. Has everyone else already started?

freak, I think Andrews point is valid. Eat your veges. In fact, eat them first. Then top off with cake.

a good number of people have already started. I’ve been at it since October first.

Reading the curriculum is hard work, I agree.

yeah see what it did to you:

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You should have seen what I used to look like :wink: