Schweser Class

Starting Schweser online class tomorrow. Wondering if there are more of you out there? If so, and since we’re all going to (try to) follow the same study schedule, why not use this thread for class follow up/questions?

I’m taking that too; I made it through about half the curriculum on my own before the class starts and wish I made it further. From now until the test I’ll pretty much be on schedule with the class.

I am taking the class too. I am reading the core readings (SS8) and doing my own notes. I have also tackled a few questions at the end of the chapters. We can definitely use this thread to discuss the material, questions, and strategies. Good luck!

I’m in it.

How’d it go?

I am watching the Schweser online classes. I just finished Round 1; read the books and made flash cards as I read. I read the CFAI books for Behavioral, Private and Institutional Wealth, Schweser books for the rest. Ready for Round 2… online classes, EOC questions, flashcards.

Just finished the class. It was okay, but maybe not specific enough. What did you think?

Class sucked, too much time on explaining the exam, not enough on actual Ethics/BF material. But I guess it’s normal, it’s not an easy subject to teach you just really have to read through the material. The pdf on BF from schweser’s library seems golden, check it out. I also have ‘read’ most of the curriculum. Hope classes will be better for PWM, apparently that’s the most important topic AND the toughest (most boring) to read from the curriculum IMO.

man… are you guys still following classes? the “professor” is SOOOOOOOOOOO bad. it pissed me off today so much that i didn’t ‘stay’ for the last hour. flipping through slides randomly, not letting one read the questions he’s asking and so on. what’s the point of the class then? fuuuu L2 classes were top notch…