Schweser Classes or CFA SF Classes

Has anyone taken the Schweser Weekly Online or Multi-Weekend Online Program that can comment on it? Are these classes video archived (i.e. I can access them again whenever I want) or are they live (i.e. I can only watch it once during that time)? Has it been effective for you? Also, has anyone taken the CFA SF review classes? Same question as to how effective they have been for you. Thanks!

I’m not too excited about the Schweser video programs. I do believe they are archived.

Mcpass, you are confusing the Schweser archived weekly Online sessions with the video programs. I have used both and they are different products but both are excellent!! The weekly Online sessions are taught by a single professor: either Tim Smaby or Andrew Holmes, depending on which section you choose (different days/hours). Excellent professors both. They can be viewed live or as archived videos. You can download the slides and quizzes weekly. I think they are the same slides used in the Schweser Live weekly seminars in various cities where you receive the slides in a workbook. The Schweser videos are a set of DVDs and each topic is taught by a different professor. They come with a workbook slides (different from the one mentioned above). ruckus1234, hope this is useful to you.

i took cfa sf classes on saturday for level 1 and found it did not add much value and my time was better spent taking practice exams and reviewing. the class took 5 hours on saturdays for what felt like forever. there are also different instructors, some who are awesome, but most not that great. maybe it is better for level 2. i’m doing the archived vidoes for schweser this time around.

Thanks for your help! Good luck to you if you are still in process of taking the various levels.