schweser concept check questions

In terms of difficulty, how do they compare to actual exam questions? So far they seem to be ridiculously easy.

Some are easier, some harder most right ballpark. The ones marked as being tougher are definately up there. The issue is that if you’re doing the qns as you go (reccomended) you may get the topic at the time but not have trully learnt it i.e you may suck at it in 2 mths time. I think Q Bank (or equivalent) is invaluable as it gives you a load of qns you can use to go back to later to check you still recall the topics / use at the end with exam books for revision. If you’ve got the exam books then Book 7 (@ or whatever its now called) is normally considered noticably harder than the actual exam. Though fro memory Schweser did have a tendancy to set very numerical qns for L1 whereas my exam (Dec 07) was very qualitative.

I noticed the tests at the end of each subject (Corp Finance, FSA ect.) are much harder than the concept checkers at the end of each reading. So the Q bank questions are very similar to test questions?

No, the qbank questions are too quantitative

The questions at the end of the books are right at, if not a little more difficult than the actual exams. They are great because most of the questions at the end of the chapters are qualitative, which is how the exam is.

I agree with houston. The CFA questions are the best for learning the material in depth. Schweser seems like it’s meant for reviewing since there isn’t much explanation.

are the schweser practice tests books more like the actual exam then? i wont be too happy if i do all this quantitative in q bank and practice tests then then get rocked on the exam.