Schweser Concept Checkers


I can’t get my employer to pay for study materials until march so no access to the QBank until then. How do the concept checkers and challenge problems rank compared to actual test questions?

The concept checkers that I have done so for (I am halfway thourhg the 2nd book) have seemed extremely easy so far, I think they are mostly just to reinforce the concepts so you will be able to answer the more difficult questions better. Probably much easier than questions on the actual test IMO.

They seem on par with the questions in the QBank in terms of difficulty. I find that for each reading I do, I do the concept checkers and the CFAI EOC questions to help solidify the material. The CFAI questions are probably a better barometer of the difficulty of the actual test.

Yeah, the concept checkers are cake and def way easier than whats on the exam. The Qbank can be hard or easy, depending on what your settings are. CFAI EOC def every representative of exam material from what I’ve heard (I didn’t use them, but will in future).